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Love machine
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This sex machine comes standard with many accessories and some unique features: lightweight and easily portable, 5 multi-speed functions of vibration and pulsation. Includes a masturbation sleeve and bullet Passion skin vibe, 5 inch vibe, g-vibe and an anal plug.

Offers total angle adjustability, variable speed, stroke length of 3 inches. Electrical adapter supplied.

The adjustable main console features 90 degree adjustment for locating the perfect angle. To change the angle, locate the angle adjustment knobs on the side panels.

Then slide your attachment and splash guard to any angle, from vertical to horizontal or anywhere in between. To start the device, use the red on and off button.

To activate the thrusting/stroking mechanism, locate the top dial on the remote control unit. Turn the dial up until you hear a click and the red LED indicator light goes on.

The speed of this action is controlled by turning the dial up or down. It comes with six attachments.

To use the accessories, just plug them into the 3 jacks on the console for use. You can use up to 3 accessories at one time.

To use the vibration and pulsation accessories, you cycle through the 5 unique programs. Foreplay Tease Pulsation Vibration Climax Not only does it fuck, but the stroker sleeve simulates masturbation.

The small egg can be used on the top of the sleeve to add a little vibration while stroking the user to orgasm.

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:: you will find various accessories for sex toys. Many sex toys require batteries. Here is some information about using batteries in your sex toys most effectively. Keep in mind that many sex toys need the batteries in just right in order to work properly. Make sure your batteries have not expired. It is very important to make sure that battery contacts are clear of paper or residue. This will ensure that the battery have a clean connection to provide the most power. Such sex toys accessories as batteries should be inserted properly. If you noticed that your sex toy is not working, try to adjust the batteries to make sure they are making contact. If your batteries are installed correctly and the vibrator still doesn't work, check the base cap to be tight.

 If you are not intending

:: to use your sex toys for long periods of time, remove the batteries and store them in a safe place to serve longer. Use only heavy duty batteries in adult toys. Avoid using super-dooper high powered batteries in vibrators, as these can damage the vibe motors when underload. Super-dooper high powered batteries are recommended to use in remote control units as this will give the maximum range of the remote control unit. Battery vibrators are the most common, and best selling of all sex toys, because they are more versatile and less expensive than electric vibrators. They are usually recommended to people who purchase a vibrator for the first time.


:: the most important accessories of your sex toy! When installing new batteries in your toy ensure you put them in the correct way. If you place the batteries in the wrong way will damage the electronics of your vibrator and void the warranty. Generally, you will find battery orientation instructions on the inside of the battery compartment lid or with the instruction supplied with your sex toy. The most common cause of sex toy problems or non operation is the batteries, they are either depleted batteries, the batteries have been put in the wrong way or you may be using cheap and nasty imported accessories that don't have the power required to drive the toys. You should be attentive choosing accessories for your vibe!
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