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Coochy shave creme 8oz
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8 oz. - How to Have a Sexy, RASH-FREE Bikini Shave! COOCHY Rash-Free Shave Creme is #1 Preferred by Women!

COOCHY is the ORIGINAL Rash-Free shave product, which provides women the smoothest, razor bump-free shave anywhere on the body, especially to intimate areas. Ladies, go ahead and strut those sexy thighs or show off your "pretty girl parts!

" Very important fact - Intimate shaving can contribute to experiencing greater sensitivity "down there! "Did you know you can also use Coochy Shave Creme as a hair conditioner?

Just use after shampooing to experience soft, manageable hair. Ladies - do not deny your man the benefits of Coochy!

Men love shaving with Coochy, from their head to their toes and everything in between! Men who go for the intimate shave can "magnify their manhood!

" Check out the appealing response when his best asset stands unhidden and in full focus! So share your Coochy - you'll be glad you did!

"The Original" rash-free shave creme for women. Perfect for intimate shaving as well as all areas of the body.

Coochy All Rash-Free Shave Creme, Original Feminine fragrances. Available in 1, 4, 8 & 16 fl.

oz. bottles.

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 If you are satisfied with

:: your sexual life, using lubricants and gels, will allows you to diversify your relationships with new sensations and emotions. It is an opportunity to add some passion, flame in your intimate life. Besides, using gels is sometimes necessary if one of the partners is less excited. Almost all kinds of lubricants and gels feature disinfectant agents, protecting from venereal diseases. Sometimes people feel discomfort during sexual intercourse because of poor self lubrication. Many reasons may cause such problems. The reason why you decided to use gel is not of great importance. The important is that it disturbs you, making your sexual life uncomfortable. In such cases gel is the best decision.

 If you want to get pleasure

:: from sex, be logical. Don't forget that in sexual relationships everything is full of passion and love. That is why you should treat everything with love, even if the question is about the choice of gel. Gels and lubricants have the following consumer properties: gels imitate natural vaginal lubricants and compensate its insufficiency. It does not contain fats and it is made on the basis of natural biopolymer. Gel possesses good moisturizing and lubricating properties. It does not stain underwear and is easily washed with water. Gel is applied to genitals surface, protecting mucous tunic from injury. Gels are very effective additive to arouse your partner with a sensual and intimate massage. Erotic gel is one of the best ways to get to know your new partner intimately.

 Gels not just moisten

:: mucous tunic, but also tones it up. Gels increase tissues blood supply, thus intensifying its sensitiveness. Besides, gel is a good antibacterial agent. That is the reason why specialists recommend using gels after visiting swimming pools and public beaches. The main property of gel is moistening. Gynecologists highly recommend women before 35 to use gels: with ages secretory function reduces gradually and it causes discomfort. Moreover, gels are compatible with all kinds of contraceptives. Gels especially suit those who prefer using condoms. So, we can draw a conclusion that gels are rather useful for every woman.
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