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A versatile, rechargeable version of the much-loved wand vibe, this power packed treat by Doc Johnson is a gorgeous, ultra functional massager with a supple, rounded flexible head perfect for stimulating any area you like to pay special attention to.

This type of massager has long been the go-to toy for power-hungry pleasure seekers, offering deep, rhythmic vibration that almost never misses its mark. The Fantastic has a large, silky, deliciously curvy head that flexes on a bend-able neck, you'll be able to position it just right against whatever sweet spot is being lavished with multiple intensities of vibration and a one touch pulse button.

The incredibly powerful steady vibration keeps toes curled till the very end- cycling through to find just the right one is simple with a roll of the simple dial on the side of the Wand.

Made from safe, phthalate free ABS plastic coated in a velvety topping with that fantastically supple TPR head, the Mood is ideal for sensitive skin, and clean-up is a breeze.

Thanks to the great rechargeable design, you won't need to worry about batteries or cords with this massager, simply plug the jackpin on the included charger into the charge port on the bottom of the vibe to juice up the battery.

A full charge (6 hours or so), will give you about 4 hours of continuous use. A great lube will enhance your massage experience, so grab your favorite, be it oil, water or silicone based, the Wand and possibly a partner to start enjoying.

Wall charger included. Not recommended for use in water.

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Sex guides and Tips


 All massagers are

:: destined for body stimulation. Sex industry also designs a great number of massagers. In most cases such massagers stimulate genitals but they also can stimulate the other parts of your body due to different sleeves. The most popular types of massagers are G spot massagers, cone massagers, prostate massagers and many others. The main purpose of such massagers is to stimulate, relax the muscles and to give you pleasure. Erotic massagers - is a great opportunity for both partners to discover their bodies and diversify their relations both physically and emotionally. Massage serves not only for relaxation but can also be used during foreplay. Massagers for the full body will make you feel wonderful irrespective of where you put them. Use them for relaxation after a long working day. It is guaranteed that your body will be full-satisfied.

 Together with massagers

:: you can use various essential oils, massage oils or lubricants. Many of them have aromatic additives that stimulate not only your body but the mind also. Some of these mean favor your arousal. Some people have no time to visit massage cabinets. Massagers are easy to find in any sex toy shop. They are ideal for home usage. The huge market of sex toys offers a wide range of different massagers. New models appear almost every day. Vibrating massager can have various forms: cone, duck, mouse, phallic/non-phallic, and many others. Their material also varies greatly: rubber, plastic, latex, etc. You can choose yourself the most effective speed of vibrations.

 Undoubtedly, the main purpose

:: of erotic massage is to get pleasure. However, it has other benefits:1) Erotic massage favors the rise of tonus. Striving for new and impressive feelings is a part of human nature. Our life becomes boring when everything is dull and monotonous. Massage with erotic elements can definitely cheer up and raise your tonus. You become full of energy and more active in life. In our days these qualities are really necessary!2) Erotic massage helps to get rid of stress. It may sound strange, but it's a fact. In our dynamic and full-of-stress life it is necessary to know how to relax and shift negative emotions. Somebody manages this problem by himself the others resorts to the use of massagers. 3) Erotic massage stimulates fantasy. Relaxation with the help of massagers refreshes the relations. Erotic massage is capable of exciting many erotic fantasies; as a result sexual life becomes more passionate and rich. So, massage and eroticism go with each other. And don't forget about massagers!
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