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Siri pink
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Following in the Lelo tradition of gorgeous, ultra functional toys designed to maximize pleasure at every turn, Siri is a beautifully contoured vibe with a shape that begs to be touched.

Lelo is known for handheld, ergonomic styling and Siri is no exception, boasting a petite, rounded shape that's perfect for full stimulation of the entire vaginal area, encompassing the clitoris, vulva and sensitive lips.

A soft, completely body friendly, ultra hygienic silicone covers half of Siri, this is the end you'll love to use against your body, while the firmer plastic end holds the controls.

This is said to be the most powerful Lelo vibe of this type to date, with a super efficient extra strong motor that allows for 6 stimulation modes or vibration patterns plus lots of variation in speed.

Each pattern mimics a different stroke or touch so you can cycle through to find the one that exactly suits your mood before customizing the intensity.

4 soft touch buttons control Siri, a set for pattern and a set for speed, A soft blue LED light will glow when either is pressed so you'll easily be able to see your way, even in the dark.

There are all kinds of features that make this vibe perfect for traveling with, the controls lock securely and a subtle, discreet design means that it could easily pass for a typical muscle massager should it ever be discovered.

Since Siri is fully rechargeable, she'll always be ready when you are; a 2 hour charge will fully power her up for up to 4 hours.

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 There is a great variety

:: of discreet sex toys. There are vibrators, look like cute toys shaped as a pretty animal or a flower. One can find a vibe made in the form of a rabbit, penguin, ducky or even a wormy. Also you can find small and discreet vibrators shaped as stuff that can be found in a usual handbag. For example it can be a vibe in the form of a usual mobile phone. Such vibe has plenty of advantages. First of all it looks like a simple cellular that can be found in any pocket or bag. No one will realize that this is a sex toy with which your please your most sensitive zones of your body. In spite of small size, discreet vibrator is very powerful. You will be surprised by the intensity of vibrations delivered by this sex toy!

 Sometimes you need

:: a sex toy that does not look like a device for sexual pleasure. You might need such sex toys in many situations, for instance during trip. First of all, a discreet sex toy does not take much space in bag, and you don't have to turn red going through customs. Also you might need small and discreet vibrator when you want to keep your sexual tastes in secret. Having a discreet sex toy you do not have to worry that someone will find it and will ask you what it is. You can take your small vibrator in the bathroom without hiding it in the towel. No one could see what you are going to do there. Also this sex toy is very quiet. You can use it in any situation and you will not have to worry about sounds that could give yourself away!

 There are

:: discreet vibrators made in the form of a panty or thong. These sex toys look like a female lingerie, but don't judge the book by its cover! In fact, they include a discreet device which delivers very powerful vibrations to your sensitive body spots. Most of such thongs and panties have a remote control. Your partner can control your feelings changing the speed of vibrations. This play is very exciting and will please both partners. If you don't have a partner, you can wear such panty under your clothes and get sexual satisfaction any time and in any situation. The most awesome thing is that these vibes, in spite of their size deliver very powerful vibrations. Such vibes can be used by both women and men. Enjoy amazing play with small and discreet toys any time you wish.
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