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Jo 2.5 oz warming women premium
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System JO Women's Premium Warming Lubricant is specifically formulated for women. Our Premium Warming women products are designed for women with the highest needs of lubrication.

Add a Touch of Warmth to Your Sensual Experience with System JO Women's Warming Silicone LubricantWomen's Silicone Lubricant s silicone based with a silky smooth non-oily non-sticky or tacky feel.

Specifically Formulated for women with the same high quality ingredient as System JO Silicone but in a different ratio to address a woman's specific needs.

System JO's Premium Warming Personal Lubricant for Women is designed for a super long lasting use. System JO for Women Formulated specially for women by women.

This premium line is designed to be more sensitive for a women and includes our exclusive Agape series for those who desire the silky smooth feel of System JO WITHOUT any GLYCERINE, SILICONE, OR OIL.

- Is a personal lubricant, skin conditioner, moisturizer and a therapeutic massage formula for daily use. - Is recommended world wide by doctors and pharmacists.

- Is designed for multiple uses and the enhancement of your sense of pleasure. - Is latex safe and manufactured under strict US FDA guidelines.

- Is long lasting, odor and fragrance free. - Is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and does not block your pores.

- Is uniquely formulated and is never sticky or tacky, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. - 2.

5 oz.

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2.5 oz inch

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 Warming lubricants

:: are able to heighten both male and female enjoyment during sexual intercourse. These lubricants work by heating up on your skin. It is safe to use warming lubricants. Such lubes contain ingredients that don't irritate skin. Purchasing a warming lubricant pay attention to the producer, in order to avoid products, which contain dubious ingredients. K-Y Warming Liquid has natural ingredients. Besides, this brand is recommended by physicians. Apply the desired amount of lubricant on your hands. Apply the lube to your genital areas and your partners'. Take additional warming lubricant over the condom. It heightens the pleasure for both partners. A warming lubricant does not contain spermicide and is not a contraceptive.

 Using warming lubricants

:: you can apply it on every part of your body. For additional sexual pleasure, you can rub warming lubricant into the breasts or the buttocks. Give the warming lubricant a minute to heat. You can massage it to increase the warmth. Blowing on the genitals after warming lubricant has been applied, intensifies the heat. If you notice any irritation on skin after applying a warming lubricant, stop using it. Maybe it is allergic reaction. Anyway, consult with a doctor. You can also choose a flavored warming lubricant. Popular flavors include pina colada, cherry, strawberry, watermelon.

 Warming lubricants work

:: almost the same way massage oils work. Take a small puddle in your hand and apply warming lubricant in a thin layer to the desired area. Rub it into your skin, applying more if it's necessary. As you continue massaging, the warming lubricant will begin to heat up. Your partner feels a pleasantly warm sensation. Warming lubricants are great for genital massage. Some warming lubricants can't be used with latex products. To avoid problems, read the label before using. You can apply them to the surface of your genitals. Be careful: some of the warmth-inducing elements of the lubricant may irritate skin; do a skin patch test before using during it sexual intercourse, otherwise your genitals may end up hotter than you intended.
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