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Durex pleasure pack 3pk
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Durex Pleasure Pack Condoms add more excitement to your love life. The pack is an assortment of condoms which includePerformax- For Prolonged lovemaking with body heat activated climax control lubricant.

Ultimate Feeling- Its thin and ribbed surface provides more pleasure to you and your partner. Intense Sensation- For extreme pleasure featuring hundreds of raised bumps.

Colors and Scents- Assortment of colors and flavors for more excitement. Each condom is electronically tested for reliability.

Assorted colors and luscious flavors add fun and excitement. Ribs and raised studs provide ultimate feeling of pleasure.

Durax Perfomax that prolongs lovemaking with heat activated climax control lubricant. Ultimate feeling, thin and ribbed for mutual pleasure.

Intense Sensation with hundreds of raised studs for extreme pleasure. Colors and Scents that add excitement in lovemaking with assorted flavors and colors.

Electronically tested for 100% safety.

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:: Every year 5 000 000 000 condoms are sold in the world-There are more than 100 condom brands in the market-Women purchase 40-70% from total amount of sold condoms-First records of condoms in Europe appeared on rock paintings

 Condoms facts

:: It is considered that condom, which resembles modern condoms, was invented by anatomist Gabriello Fallopio in 1564- In XVI century condoms were made of linen- In XVIII century condoms were produced from bowels of different animals or from fish skin- In 1844 Charles Good took the first patent for the production of condoms, made from rubber

 In one Austrian museum

:: among 250 historical exhibits related to sex, the most ancient condom was displayed. This condom which was made for multiply use, was found in Sweden. The boon dates back to 1640. The condom remained untouched, and it comes with instructions written in Latin. According to the instructions, the condom has to be dip into milk before using in order to avoid infections. By the way, in ancient times the dominating practice against lues was applying of animal fats or oil on genitals. At the heart of the practice was the idea that the disease penetrates through pores: thus they should be covered with oil or fat. Gentlemen used to take gold or silver boxes with animal fat when they dated with ladies.
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