Adult Toys store. Buy high-quality toys at reduced price, write and read reviews of sex toys. Get total sexual freedom at DesireSecrets

  Adult Toys store. Buy high-quality toys at reduced price, write and read reviews of sex toys. Get total sexual freedom at DesireSecrets  
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1.1. Information about confidentiality

Confidentiality is the key to our customers. Once you've virtually stepped into our website, be sure your security and confidentiality is guaranteed in compliance with our established policy. We highly respect your privacy and our reputation, too. This is the reason why all our contacts are safely stored and all the operations are performed with maximum discretion. We just have to collect some data concerning you for arranging shipping and keeping in touch with you for further actions (transportation, delivery, final distribution, your opinion, review, etc).

1.2. Is the postman aware of what is inside the parcel?

No way. The parcel contains only your shipping details (address and name).

1.3. How about the billing statement? What shows up on the bill?

Payment (the sum of money you've spent for your acquisition).

1.4. Do you share the information related to those clients who have bought a product online?

No, we never share this information.

2. How can I place an order?

Once you've found the product you want to purchase, click the BUY button. The item goes to Shopping cart. Then click the CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT button to fill in the information required. Fill in your credit card information for secure payment system. Once the order have been placed, you will receive a confirmation of your successful order processing.

2.1. Payment methods.

You can make an order online using your Visa, Mastercard credit card and other types of payment means.

2.2. Is it safe to pay online?

Do note that you do not pay us but the credit card company's secure server. So your credit card number cannot be intercepted and your personal data is 100% secured. All the information provided by you during the shopping process is encrypted by our credit card company. Your credit card details are not available for us and they are used only with the purpose to process your order online. We collect your personal information only for processing an order and for Money Back Guarantee service.

2.3. I hadn't receive my order yet, what does it mean?

You may always contact our customer support service if you have any question regarding your order. Our customer support representative will solve the problem as soon as possible.

2.4. I did not receive any confirmation email. Did my order go through in this case?

Please check you email address more accurately while placing an order. This address will be used for contacting you about the order, product, for clarifying the shipping address and also for sending you confirmation letters about your order. If you did not receive any confirmation letter, please contact our customer support representative! They will solve the problem and send you your confirmation letter once again.

2.5. How should I sign up to be a regular customer?

Press Sign In button (it is located near Home button on the pink-colored panel) and then press Registration. After filling in the necessary information, you become a registered user. Welcome to!

3. About product.

3.1. Quality and safety

Our products are of high quality and safe to use. They are sold for the intended use only. We are not responsible for any physical harm caused by any of the products sold herein.

3.2. Do new items appear?

We permanently renew our stock. As soon as a novelty appears, we try to share it with our customers.

II Shipping, handling and returns.

The following shipping methods are available:

USPS Priority (for small order usually)

UPS Ground (for multiple item orders)

UPS 2nd Business Day We offer overnight and 2nd business day shipping. We guarantee that priority (overnight & 2 business day) orders get out the same day we receive them.

UPS Next Business Day Delivery depends on your country and city you live in.

Standard shipping will take 1 week, express shipping will take 2-4 business days and overnight will take 1-2 business days. International shipping can take several weeks to get there.

The price for every method is seen in your shopping cart before your are going to make a purchase.

Note that:

Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, New Mexico and Virgin Islands are shipped with USPS Priority only.

UPS cannot ship to US P.O. Boxes or to military bases. These orders must be shipped via US Priority mail.


Please return us wrong or defective item in its original packaging within 30 days to the address provided on the parcel you received from us. Items returned without original packaging will NOT be refunded so please keep all packaging for the 30 day return period.

III Discount.

At present moment Online Store offers the following discount system that is available for all categories of our Customers. To use the discount you need to reach terms of its activation (read more in discounts description).

1. Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING discount is applied only for US customers for USPS Priority and UPS Ground shipping options and only for orders which amount exceeds $40 .

2. Discount, that depends on the quantity ordered.

Discount: When ordering goods you can get a discount under the following scheme:
Quantity of
items ordered
Amount of the discount
that you get
1 0%
2 & more 5%
Discount doesn`t apply to the price of shipping!

Bonus: After payment you receive one-time discount coupon.
Notice: This type of discount is not accumulative!

3. One-time discount coupon.

This coupon is issued after placing an order, where you purchase not less than two items.

Discount: Amount of the discount is 10 % for any quantity ordered.

4. Weekend Discount.

Saturday - 6%

Sunday - 7%

Discount doesn`t apply to the price of shipping!

Bonus: No.
Notice: This type of discount is not accumulative!
The coupon may be handed without any restrictions.

5. Quick access to discounts.

For authorized users "quick access to discount coupon" function is available, while making purchase you may choose directly in the shopping cart one of accessible discount coupons if you have such.

General: When placing an order as a registered user, you may learn about discounts available at that moment, you got as during placing an order and/or as a result of marketing campaign organized by the administration of this Online Store.


Sex guides and Tips


 Application of sex toys

:: Such subsidiary means of erotic orientation as sex toys are intended for preparing of women genital tracks to sexual intercourse. The application of sex toys is defensible and expedient proceeding from distinctions in sexual behavior of partners.Both partners have to keep in mind that their curves of excitement and recession are not equal. Man becomes excited quickly, while woman needs long preparatory period, petting, she relaxes slowly.
Such adult sex toy as vibrator helps to turn women on, intensify sexual sensations during preparatory period, stimulate wetting in genital tracks, and facilitate orgasm coming.

 Masturbator guide

:: Masturbator - vagina represents sex toy, imitating female genital organs. It can be of different forms (from the most simple to super realistic). It is made of various materials such latex, silicon, cyber silicon, with or without vibrator.
It can be integral or can have the main part, which imitates edea and anus. Using this sex toy, penis is subjected to active massage due to various soft nubs along the whole internal length of vagina, and due to special vibrating device.
Some vaginas has also the imitation of anal orifice.

 Sex toys

:: Sex toys are perfect for singles as well as for couples, be they gay or heterosexual. Singles use them for masturbation. Couples resort to them for extra variety and more stunning sensations. Lovers who are far away from each other and want to satisfy their sexual needs eagerly use sex toys.Women opt for sex toys to experience their first orgasms and explore their hot spots. Men use sex toys for prolonging their ejaculations, maintaining their erections harder, fuller and long lasting. Virgins buy sex toys for experiencing clitoral orgasms without penetration. Divorced persons who didn't find a potential sex partner yet experiment with sex toys.
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