Adult Toys store. Buy high-quality toys at reduced price, write and read reviews of sex toys. Get total sexual freedom at DesireSecrets

  Adult Toys store. Buy high-quality toys at reduced price, write and read reviews of sex toys. Get total sexual freedom at DesireSecrets  
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2009-11-12  24 precepts of a good wife  
Commonplace truths but how much ordinary worldly wisdom and actuality are there, although they were published long time ago.
2009-11-05  Sexuality rhythms. part 3  
So, what turns out? If take scientists a word it is possible never to "coincide" with anyone. However, sexologists themselves don't advise to take too seriously the theory about sexual rhythms.
2009-10-29  Sexuality rhythms. part 2  
Which cycles is male sexual life subordinate to? As nature has relieved him from "monthly troubles". However, it hasn't relieved male organism from rhythmicity.
2009-10-22  Sexuality rhythms. part 1  
Day is given us for activity, but night - for rest. Rhythmicity is amazing property that doesn't depend on us. Although it seems to us that we are free to control ourselves at our sole discretion, as a matter of fact, sadly, it is not so.
2009-10-15  How to figure out a good lover. part 3.  
Guy is pallid... Representatives of weak sexual constitution have congested TV screens. They are seen at once: brown-haired persons or blonds with thick hair, tall height with long legs and smooth breast with small muscles relief.
2009-10-08  How to figure out a good lover. part 2  
Real macho. Men with strong sexuality more often are brunets.
2009-10-01  How to figure out a good lover. part 1  
Don't mix it up with character! It is said that a good lover obligatory has big nose.
2009-09-28  10 ways to refresh feelings. part 3  
7. Don't make a friend from your husband! It is a gold rule for marital life. Always remember: near you is a man! And this man must be seduced and gained every day.
2009-09-18  10 ways to refresh feelings. part ll  
According to sexologists, the most widespread trap in marital bed is the same scenario. Sooner or later but such a period will come, when intimate parts of the partner are quite well studied.
2009-09-10  10 ways to refresh feelings. part 1.  
You are married for years and your marriage is quite happy. But you notice that former passion is no longer presented and you make love more seldom, because you are tired and you don't have new sensations.

Sex guides and Tips


 Application of sex toys

:: Such subsidiary means of erotic orientation as sex toys are intended for preparing of women genital tracks to sexual intercourse. The application of sex toys is defensible and expedient proceeding from distinctions in sexual behavior of partners.Both partners have to keep in mind that their curves of excitement and recession are not equal. Man becomes excited quickly, while woman needs long preparatory period, petting, she relaxes slowly.
Such adult sex toy as vibrator helps to turn women on, intensify sexual sensations during preparatory period, stimulate wetting in genital tracks, and facilitate orgasm coming.

 Sex toys

:: Sex toys are perfect for singles as well as for couples, be they gay or heterosexual. Singles use them for masturbation. Couples resort to them for extra variety and more stunning sensations. Lovers who are far away from each other and want to satisfy their sexual needs eagerly use sex toys.Women opt for sex toys to experience their first orgasms and explore their hot spots. Men use sex toys for prolonging their ejaculations, maintaining their erections harder, fuller and long lasting. Virgins buy sex toys for experiencing clitoral orgasms without penetration. Divorced persons who didn't find a potential sex partner yet experiment with sex toys.

 Masturbator guide

:: Masturbator - vagina represents sex toy, imitating female genital organs. It can be of different forms (from the most simple to super realistic). It is made of various materials such latex, silicon, cyber silicon, with or without vibrator.
It can be integral or can have the main part, which imitates edea and anus. Using this sex toy, penis is subjected to active massage due to various soft nubs along the whole internal length of vagina, and due to special vibrating device.
Some vaginas has also the imitation of anal orifice.
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